Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Off we go then

Miles cycled this year: 635

In 40 Hours burning 24016 Kcal climbing 24910 ft
Most miles in a week (so far) : 161
Weight 67.7Kg 18.0% fat


So how are we all in the new year. Rested, bright, bushy tailed and ready for the challenges ahead? No? Me neither.

The year started somewhat cold and icy. I don’t mind cold, I can dress against that, but I really don’t like icy. I am not keen on ice, lulls me into a false sense of security, then takes me down. The white fluffy hoar frost is ride able, it’s the shiny slidey type hiding in the shadows ready to take me off that I am not keen on.

Curious thing is that cold doesn’t equal ice. Dry roads remain ice free however cold. Earlier this month a couple of us rode to Glastonbury and back, and my water bottle turned into a slush puppy, well it was -2C. Roads were fine.

Gritting makes the roads interesting. When they are icy, it is great, but depending on the type of weather expected they add stuff to the treatment which is black, covers the bike, seizes the rear brake and is hard to wash off clothes. I am told it is molasses to stop water washing the grit off the road. Whatever, it makes the road greasy and slippery. Meanwhile the ungritted back roads remain dry, clean and grippy. Guess where I ride?

Still over 600 miles so far this year, but quite slow. Too much going on in my no cycling life weighs me down. I've been out with the local cycling club to take it leisurely, and still getting the miles in. I’ve started increasing the hours up to 8hrs week, just got to stay well.

The only definite for event the year is the Dartmoor Classic in late June and likely are the British Heart Foundation Ride in early June, both of which I did last year. New for this year will be the D&S Air Ambulance ride in June. It is planned for mid June and I hear it likely to 54miles. It is the week before Dartmoor Classic, so I will have to ride easy. We’ll see.

I am also looking at the White Horse Challenge, which I missed last year, but is an easy going ride in late April. I may back this up with a the Cotswold Classic the day after. Nice plan? Maybe. I’ll enter one and see how the other goes. Oh and I plan a long ride on the day of the royal wedding. I have no problem with it, but I’d rather be cycling, and I am hoping for traffic free roads.

Next event is the Dunkery Dash: a hard ride with hills, head winds and cool. Lovely, can't wait (I tell myself).

Looks like a gale on Saturday, accuweather suggests winds that could cause local damage, maybe a day of rest then.

Oh if you want to know where the rain is right now have a look at which is very much like the rainy days app.

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