Friday, 20 May 2011

I'm ill you know, did I tell you? (It's only a cold really)

Miles cycled this year: 2207
In 104 Hours burning 77356 Kcal climbing 92130 ft
Most miles in a week (so far) : 187
Weight: Going up

Ok, so I've actually got a cold, but it's been hanging around for ages. Man flu I hear you say, and indeed has been said by others, to which I say, give us a kiss. No? So you don't want my cold then? Can't be that benign then, can it?

It consists of an even lower voice than normal, a runnyish nose, a cracking cough fueled by stuff running down the back of my throat (Do you still fancy me?), and a background of tired.

Anyway I've been a good boy and off my bike. I did do a little try out of 15m on Saturday. Up to the cafe on my own, then a short way into the way back I pulled off and rode back on my own, I know too well that I may well not let the group go when I should do. Heart rates were normal, but I did feel a bit empty, so make it short and see how it goes. It goed by me having a sleep Saturday afternoon, and not riding Sunday.

My, Sundays are long! I'd forgotten how long a Sunday morning really is. I did this and that in the garden and it was only 10.30! I watched the cycling on the TV in the afternoon, well most of it, I did nod off every now and then.

I am also putting some weight on. Problem is that I don't think I am eating any more than normal, just using less energy. Seems I am taking this "Feed a cold, and starve a fever" too literally. Maybe that it what is helping it hang on, should I attempt to starve it out?

I have also managed to give it to Denise, so we now cough in surround sound. The dog is not impressed, there are these tremendous looks of disdain when a good sneeze, and or cough wakes her. I would also say at this point to hiccup and cough at the same time is a truly amazing noise.

Tomorrow I will have another ride to the cafe. I sense my body is beginning to come back to me, but however it goes, I will ride short and easy, and see how it responds in the afternoon. I must have patience, he types, coughing and yawning, bit tired after work.

This is not ideal preparation for the next couple of programme rides which are the British Heart Foundation 50 at the beginning of June and the Dartmoor Classic -106 - at the end of June. Still, going mad now will only prolong it, so I must be a good boy, I must be a good boy, I must be a good boy, I must be ..... a ............good ..............boy, ............I ................. must .................snooze........




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