Saturday, 26 September 2009

The Aftermath

I wanted a bacon roll and stopped at a café on the way home. It was either there, or via someone emptying their nose in front of me leaving those behind to ride through the fine aerosol of virus that they left behind that gave me my cold.

Monday: Tired
Tuesday: Tired and coughing
Wednesdays: Less Tired but very deep voice, felt ok otherwise. Rang my Mum to do a “we are the voice of the mysterons” at her.
And so it went on, to today Saturday, when I am coughing, and have a head full of cold. My left ear is ringing with tintinus, and when I cough what I spit out, dear reader is clear with bits of green in it. Now whether that is coming up from my lungs or down from my nose is unclear, but a visit to the Dr for a check for a chest infection may well be due Monday

On the basis of 3 days coming, 3 here, and 3 going I am on day 5. Oh joy. Still better this end of the season rather than March. An inauspicious start to my planned years build up

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