Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Well Hello!

Miles cycled this year: 658
In 40 Hours
Most miles in a week: 160

Sorry dear Blog, I have been ignoring you.

Well I now have the leave booked, 3 wholes weeks in September. Lets hope that no little cloud is getting the idea to follow me.

My Dad has agreed to take the first week riding shot gun, well driving the car with me kit in it, which makes him more of a camel train, but I suspect he would prefer to be known as support. I will be handed over to Denise after the first week, and she will stay with me 'til the end. However long that is. Currently it looks like 16 days, I can't resist taking in Land's End & John O'Groats, it only adds 50 miles. Oh & my Dad won't be following me on the road, he will be off gadding about, seeing the sights. We will see :-)

Had the weekend off my bike last weekend, a rest was planned, but I ended up decorating at the Mother-in-laws. How romantic.

Anyway, onward and upward. Next 3 week block of building duration and mileage. I'll see you after the Dunkery Dash

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