Saturday, 28 August 2010

Which way is it?

Miles cycled this year: 4485
In 274 Hours burning 155140 Kcal climbing 170490ft
Most miles in a week (so far) : 284 (eek!)
Weight: Daren't look, my am I eating!
So here is the d(r)aft schedule. Change may come from mechanical failure (the bike or me), weather (floods, hurricanes etc) and fields full of lovely plants (of interest to passing bees) causing delays. I'll be carrying sufficient sugary stuff for both of us.
Day             From to                                         Approx Miles

Sat 4th         Land's End to Lizard                    35
Sun              Lizard to Okehampton                  83
Mon            Okehampton to Bruton                  88
Tue             Bruton to Chinnor                           94
Wed           Chinnor to Great Green                 93
Thur           Great Green to Wymondham         85
Fri              Wymondham to Kings Lynn           38
Sat              Kings Lynn to Sandtoft                  93
Sun             Sandtoft to Hawes                         92
Mon           Hawes to Moffat                              97
Tue            Moffat to Dunnon                            92
Wed           Dunnon to Oban                             72
Thur          Oban to Fort William via                 79
Fri             Fort William to Fort Augustas         30
Sat             Fort Augustas to Golspie               84
Sun            Golspie to John O'Groats              84

Route Briefing
Route Briefing for the Ned's
I have had to do a number of briefings so far. The first with my Dad in the pub on Thursday. We will be leaving early Saturday and heading to Land's End, I will then ride back to Lizard Point. It's too long for a prologue, so it will have to count as a road stage, or maybe as I'm on my own, it should be a time trial.

DaveGorman @Mr_1470 An early tweet to wish you good luck with the SEWN UP ride. Enjoy!

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