Saturday, 4 September 2010

Land's End to Lizard

Miles cycled: 37
In 2hr31m burning 1480 Kcal climbing 2240ft
Most miles in a day (so far) : 37

Today started with somewhat of a surprise as I expected my Dad to collect me about 9am, but he turned up just after 7am, about 10mins after I had got up. Good job I had packed 5 days earlier, so all I had to do was get dressed and eat breakfast.

Land's End
Just over 3 hours later we arrived at Land's End. Whatever you expect, it is not that. Part fast food takeaway, part pub, part shopping centre, large car-park, all with attached photo opportunity.

There is a slight climb away towards Sennen. I noticed I had a heart rate of 00. So either I have about 15 seconds before I keel over, or something is missing. I am definately going well for the heart rate! A quick check and I have forgotton to put the Heart Rate Belt on. Short panic and a call to my Dad established that it was in my jersey pocket where I put it earlier.

St Michael's Mount
Cornwall is hilly and this part didn't disappoint, although I suspect this was just a taster. A combine harvester pulled out in front of me, so I ended up in the cars behind. It was too easy to sit in and we started going down hill, I moved up passing four cars, and then the combine. 300 yards of flat road and then up. It went up to 13%, the combine closed on me and past me just as we crested the hill, then two of the cars. Now we were on the flat, free wheeling again, the cars couldn't pass, so at Cauldrose Airfield I passed the combine. The chase was on, on the flat I pulled away, up hill it came after me, engine bouncing off the limiter. The best bit was that the cars behind couldn't get passed him. The miles went by and I had the joy of being protected from cars on a busy road. I wonder if he wants to come to Lowestoft?

The bee was quite well behaved, but I did loose him near the floral sign at Marazion. I found him will his nose stuck into the display, working his way round and had already got to the M.

The Lizard point is Land's End lite. If you need a bit of serpentine in the shape of a dolphin or lampholder then this is the place for you. The weather was, well the fog horn was sounding from the lighthouse, although it was pleasent enough to sit outside at the cafe.

Breakfast is arranged for 8am as I am keen to get through the A 30 bit of Cornwall early before the traffic picks up.

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  1. Hi Bee (and Greg)

    Has the Stowaway wasp, which was buzzing angrily in the right hand STI, made an appearance yet? I expect he'll remain hidden for a little while longer as he is quite content to catch a lift and let Greg do all tha work! Hope all is going well and the Combine continues to give you drafting opportunities. At this rate the trip will be done in a few days. Just remember NOT to follow it into any fields, or else your journey ends there. I might have prepared it for the road miles, but can't guarantee much progress 'Off-road'! Keep up the good work, Andy (W.I.M.)

  2. Hiya Greg

    Sounds like a near thing with the floral display - tell that bee of yours that his ancestors, taken on-board ship for extended voyages in the 18C had to make do with sugar water.

    Did the combine driver give you a wave? Hope to catch up with you as you go through Bruton.

    Cheers, Captain Thunder-buttocks.