Friday, 10 September 2010

Wymondham - Kings Lynn

Miles 42 today
In 2hrs 40mins burning 1088 Kcal climbing 933ft

Miles total 573
In 37hrs 35mins burning 18505 Kcal climbing 27713ft
Most miles in a day : 106.2

I had always intended to have an easier day today. It was a shorter ride, over what is becoming somewhat monotonous countryside. I didn’t even see any buildings worth stopping for. It rained, so I wasn’t up for hanging around.

I thought you might like to see the flight deck. On the right is my bike computer, which shows speed, heart rate and % of climb or descent. In the middle is the Bee with his seatbelt on. We found he got tired hanging on all day, especially in the wet, so he now has a seat belt. On the right is my sat nav. It is a walking sat nav. There are no maps in it, I have to programme it and I follow the dots joined up by a solid line. The dots are at junctions and I follow road the line goes down. Easy really. It also tells me the elevation and total distance left to go. On the left is my hand. I can also change gear and brake at the same time using the brake levers, clever huh?

King’s Lynn has the mother of all one way systems. I had arranged to meet my Dad at the station, I knew where it was, the sat nav was pointing there, but I couldn’t get to it. I even went over the lines on a level crossing (on an angle in the wet, careful!) but still couldn’t get back to the station. In the end I went up a dead end to cars which was open to bikes and got to it. A taxi driver looked over as I rode up, I told him that I thought they had an interesting one way system, and he told me he often saw cars go round three times before they asked him how to escape it.

Fortunately, the B&B is just outside this circle of tarmac and signs, so I won’t need to gain escape velocity in order to escape it’s gravitational field. I’m off to Santoft tomorrow, which appears to be a roundabout in North Lincolnshire. My dad returns home to be replaced by my wife, Denise and my mother-in-law, Joan: a kind of Ying and Yang. They are meeting part way so I am on my own for a bit of tomorrow.

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