Thursday, 27 June 2013

Anglesey - North


Part of my penance for the year of bike riding is that I have to take my mother-in-law on holiday a couple of times a year. She likes Anglesey and I don't dislike it. I prefer it to Cornwall, in as much as the holiday cottages are cheaper and the beaches are almost all dog friendly.

I do of course take a bike of me to avoid ..... yes, to avoid. The longest ride was this at the north end of the Island. The Isle of Wight likes to promote itself as a quite and pretty place to be, but then they haven't been to Anglesey, especialy the north of the island. It is hilly to the north corner, the lanes are quiet and the drivers were all really friendly and respectful, at least when off the main road where some pass a little too close, but maybe they were tourists.

I did have one problem with a Council (Avent) driver who by his jacket may well have also worked for Biffa. He pulled out of me, probably misjudging my speed and causing me to change my speed and direction to aviod running into his pick up.

So when I caught up with him a few miles later, and asked what happened back there he first couldn't remember, then said that he had had to go. To be honest he had really answered the question at that point, he didn't mean to do it, he misjudged it. He then followed it up with, "This is Wales, your not in England now", surprised I countered with "You don't know what part of England I'm from", not sure that how country of origin justified poor driving.

"Your on holiday, you've got all the time in the world. I'm working see, can't wait for tourists all day" Ah, I thought, another part of the Highway Code that I'm not familiar with. Pointing at the van "See that there, it's a task disc" Right I'm on safe ground now, you've strolled into a mine field. You are however quite big, and we are still on reasonable terms, and I was still trying to get my head behind the casual racism he lead with. "You've answered my question. I get pissed when drivers just pull out, from the first thing you said told me that you were in such a position that you had to go, and you didn't just see me and decide to ignor me". "No" he said. Pride in tact for both parties I wished him a good day and left, point made.

It still took me a day or so to get over the casual racism, the, 'you're not from round here are you', that he lead with to justify his poor driving. Do I live that sheltered a life? Maybe.

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