Thursday, 20 June 2013

Merry Monk Audax - 28th April

I picked Sarah up from Bridgwater and drove to High Ham. It was busy and there clearly were a lot of people there, over 200 for the 100km ride.
We were released in two groups and the first few miles is a steady descent. Moving up slowly I watched part of the large Bridgwater contingent move away up the road. Still plenty of time. We rode through Langport and out onto the moors. The pace held high, and the group strung out with more space between them.
Up over Windwhistle sorted the groups further and a quick descent on narrow and potholed roads toFforde Abbey. I voucher for a drink, which worked for an orange squash, and back onto the road. Three Bridgwater riders were ahead, as we tracked around the south of Yeovil. Sarah and I were on our own, riding well,  but not fast, well not until I told Sarah a group was catching us. Big ring and time trial head on, and I'm left hanging on. We were caught by a the group working together, and on that basis it was ok to sit on.
Cafe in Sherborne, and the three others who were there a few minutes before us, decided not to wait and were off. Sarah and I rode tempo, but didn't really expect to see them, three quite strong riders, who we could stay with, but couldn't close on, well not for Sarah alone with me! They weren't going to have it easy though.
Across and past Somerton and the back road to High Ham and up the last short sharp hill. We arrived 4 mins behind the first three, who claimed to  have had a puncture, but they had 10mins on us at the last cafe, so didn't get away from us. I think they were surprised to see us there so close behind them.
Then onto the food. The food at the end of this audax is legend and rightly so. I had lemon meringue pie whilst waiting for beans on toast (I know and don't care). Another personal favourite is freshly made custard with your crumble.
I give this audax 4.5 out of 5. Some roads are a touch busy,  but the food is great.

The link to my GPX file is 

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