Sunday, 3 October 2010


Miles For Year 6039
In 378 hrs burning 203548 Kcal Climbing 236463ft

Hello and Welcome, or Welcome back, to my blog for my ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats via the four extremities of the British Mainland.

If you haven’t been here before a brief explanation of the Bee in the pictures. Whilst this was my holiday and I intended to do this ride for myself, it also seemed appropriate to see if I could raise some money for a local charity. For personal reasons I choose the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. The Bee is the mascot for the Air Ambulance, and one or two came with me. See here

I have had a few questions since I got back, so here are answers to commonly asked questions.

Recovered yet? Well yes and no. I feel fine, never really felt bad overall. Yes some days I dug deep, and was tired, but I recovered much better than I thought I would. I did become fatigued, and that runs deeper than being tired. I have been out on my bike since I finished and my heart rates have now, after two weeks recovered back to normality.

Relaxing on the way home
How’s your bum? Well that’s fine, thanks. The nappy rash cream did help a great deal after the first three days of soaking. I did have to remember to ease my position for both my sit bones and soles of my feet on the flatter days. My knees were sore for a bit towards the end, but I had pushed on one day, and they weren’t keen. The only injury seems to be what Denise reckons was sun burn to the top of my ears, I am not certain about this, but they did blister.

How’s the bee? Well he’s fine. He’s decided he likes cycling, but only on sunny days, otherwise he prefers to watch it.

Any punctures? No. Michelin Krylion 23mm. Amazing really given the rain and grit on the road/cycle path/tow path. I was pleased as the tyres are tight on the rim, and I really wasn’t looking forward to fighting them to get them off in the wet by the road. The bike stood up well to the abuse. All I did to it was lubricate the chain after each wet day. The noises and creaks from it changed on a daily basis, as it dried out, and I did have to replace one set of brake pads.

Did you really eat that much cake? Well cake covers a big spectrum. I ate a lot of iced buns, and some cakes. I also ate a lot of Frusli bars and had a couple of energy gels a day. Both drinks bottles had quite strong concentrations of PSP in them.

So would I advise you to do it? Yes, Yes and Yes. Ask yourself “Are you a real cyclist unless you have broken your collar bone and done the End to End?”. Clearly one is more elective than the other, but if you have the time then go. I know I didn’t do it properly as some would have it (ie carrying my clothes, tent, kitchen sink etc) but I did that when I was 18, and I am now 44 you know! I would say it isn’t easy, it is a mind and body thing. The body will do it, but you mind has to be there leading and in support of your body. Break it down into days, and parts of days, don’t over face yourself with the whole trip, and congratulate yourself on your daily/hourly success, for climbing that climb, for getting to that town/turning. You will do it, I know you will. Even if you can’t contemplate something of this length, just fix yourself a target, whatever it is, and go do it. I’m up for it, let me know, and I’ll see that you do it. Ok?

How much money did you raise? That remains a moving (upward) target. So far I have collected and have promised a total of £1470. This truly amazes me, especially given my Twitter name. I thought a couple of hundred, maybe £500 with a following wind. Just before I left I dared to believe £700 would be nice at 50p a mile. So I am very happy, grateful, and somewhat in shock at the nice things people have said. In truth I did have a new target of £1353, ie a pound a mile, but totalling it this morning shows I have exceeded even that! Goodness me (to be polite)

I have very much enjoyed doing the blog, and I hope you have enjoyed reading it, even just a little bit. I don’t think it will finish here, but I promise to stop prodding most of you to read it. Just pop by when you have a spare moment and see what this man, a bike and a bee have been up to.

DaveGorman @Mr_1470 Missed the fact that you'd finished. Well done. Seriously good effort. Hope you enjoyed it.

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