Monday, 27 December 2010

Index to the LEJOG

Miles For Year 6910
In 431 hrs burning 234364 Kcal Climbing 263463ft

I am aware a number of people are coming to this site to have a look at my blog of my LeJog, and blogs being blogs, it is in reverse order and not too easy to find your way around so I thought I would do a index to the ride, then we can all move on!

The bee came about as it is the mascot of the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. I decided to take one with me and take his picture in part prove I had been to places, and to spur me on when I needed it. I named him LE Bee as our family member who was killed in a road accident was called Elliot. I should say that I intended to do this ride anyway, it just happened to be right to raise money for the Air Ambulance.

I rode for 16 days, 13 full days and 3 half days. It was 1353 miles in total. I planned the route by drawing straight lines between the points, taking into account crossing points of rivers etc, and then planned a route of B and back roads. A route map can be found via a link on each day, and here following each day in the list.

Mr L E Bee's adventure Click here
Which way is it? Click here
Packed and ready for the off Click here

The Trip:

Land's End - Lizard Click here Route Map
Lizard - Okehampton Click here Route Map
Okehampton - Bruton Click here Route Map
Bruton - Princes Risborough Click here Route Map
Lowestoft Click here
Princes Risborough - Lawshall Click here
Lawshall - Lowestoft - Wymondham Click here
Wymondham - King's Lynn Click here
King's Lynn - Sandtoft Click here
Sandtoft - Hawes Click here
Scotland Click here
Hawes - Moffat Click here
Moffat - Dunoon Click here
Dunnon - Oban Click here
Ardnamurchan Click here
Oban - Ardnamurchan - Fort William Click here
Fort William - Fort Augustas Click here
Fort Augustas - Brora Click here
Brora - Dunnet Head - John O’Groats Click here
Epilogue Click here

If you would be happy to give advice or answer any questions you may have about my ride, or if I can help you with your plans and would like to contact me please leave a comment below or message me via twitter Mr_1470

Thanks for reading.


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